May 19, 2019

"The Call of the Gentiles"

Bible Background -- Romans 11

Printed Text -- Romans 11:11-24

Devotional Reading -- Romans 10:5-13

Aim for Change

In today's lesson we will:ANALYZE Paul's metaphor of the olive tree with wild branches; RECOGNIZE the price JESUS paid for all to be justified; and DECIDE ways to walk in humility toward others in light of GOD'S grace toward us.

Daily Bible Readings for week of May 13 - May 19

Monday - The Heritage Keepers (Romans 9:1-5, 14-17)   

Tuesday - A Light for the Gentiles (Acts 13:44-49                

Wednesday - Life in Christ JESUS (Colossians 2:1-10)

Thursday - Testimony of GOD'S Grace (Acts 20:17-24, 32)  

Friday - Israel's Rejection Not Final (Romans 11:1-10)      

Saturday - All Peoples Saved by Faith (Romans 11:25-36)        

Sunday - Salvation of the Gentiles (Romans 11:11-24)